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🚢 Re-Stock Update June 2024 | Read More
🚢 Re-Stock Update June 2024 | Read More
Packaging 101

Packaging 101

How food looks is just as important as it tastes. In this packaging section you’ll find everything to help your dishes arrive in style and taste the best they can – from sushi platters and stylish burger boxes, to branded bags and leakproof containers. There’s also over 50 new eco-friendly items, following our promise to reduce plastic cutlery and packaging. 

Our list will continue to evolve as we scour the market for best-in-class packaging and develop new products – so look out for new items or drop us a line on the contact form if there’s something you need. It’s also a great idea to road-test samples – we can post them to you, along with simple tips to make sure they’re right for you.

In the meantime, here’s some things to have a think about…

Food texture

Some packaging is more suitable for particular dishes, so when testing samples we suggest leaving your food in for 10 minutes (the average delivery time) to see what it looks like. If you sell fish and chips, onion rings or toasties, why not try our perforated chip bags? Made from double-layered greaseproof paper to trap heat, they also let steam escape to prevent hot food from going soggy.

Is it fragile?

Place your food in the sample packaging (don’t forget the lid), then give it a gentle shake and tilt to see how it will look after delivery. How does it compare to what you’re currently using? Why not protect your beautiful burgers with clamshell-design boxes and or give your tasty tacos extra support with our range of special holders – to stop them getting crushed.

Will it leak?

We recommend our soup containers for liquid-based dishes like ramen and curries – they have excellent lids with vent holds to stop air pressure from building up. Or there’s the Fastpac range – it’s sturdy, leakproof, stackable and fantastic at retaining heat.

Your eco-friendly credentials

Choose from a wide range of eco-friendly packaging and cutlery – from knives and forks to salad bowls and containers, for hot and cold dishes. They’re made from materials that are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials so are friendlier to the environment.

Any questions?

Will customers be able to identify my menu items? Do long handles encourage riders to carry dishes more gently? And will my packaging fit snugly into Deliveroo courier bags? These are all the sorts of queries – and more – that our Deliveroo Packaging Team can help with.

To get in touch or order packaging samples, just complete the contact us form.

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