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12oz White PLA-Lined Squat Soup Containers

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500 units per case
Dimensions LxW (mm): Base D 93 - Top D 113

Our Squat Soup Containers are a slightly wider soup container, perfectly suited for side portions and other smaller dishes. This product is made from paper and lined with CPLA - a bioplastic material made from plants that can be commercially composted.

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Dimensions base LxW (mm): D 93
Dimensions top LxW (mm): D 113
Units per case: 500
Case gross weight (kg): 6.65
Case net weight (kg): 5.83
Unit gross weight (gr): 11.8
Raw material: Paper
Brim fill capacity (ml): 341
Use: Hot, Cold, Wet & Dry Products
Factory food safety certified: TBC
Home compostable: No
Recyclable: No
Industrially compostable: Certified to EN13432 European Standard

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