32oz heavy-duty containers

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£51.73 per case
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Case size: 500

Versatile containers for high or low-temperature dishes, from soups to icecream. Lined with a starch-based material, they're compostable and eco-friendly. Compostable vented lids are SOLD SEPERATELY.

Product Details

  • Case size: 500
  • Dimensions: n.a.
  • Capacity (litres): 0.96
  • Material: Thick white kraft board - PE lined
  • Ideal For: Soup, ice cream, or similar

Product Properties

  • Biodegradeable: No
  • Compostable: No
  • Microwaveable: Yes
  • Recyclable: Yes

Roo Ratings

  • Food Protection Thick card and a very strong seal provide excellent protection
  • Heat Retention Made from thick board to keep the heat in, has excellent heat retention properties
  • Green Credentials PE lined kraft board, whilst technically recyclable and widely used in the UK, are unfortunately not easily recyclable (due to lack of infrastructure) nor biodegradable
  • Look & Feel Clean white card for an elegant looking food container