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Deliveroo x BioPak: working together to combat food delivery waste

Deliveroo x BioPak: working together to combat food delivery waste

Plastic pollution’s devastating impact on the environment is well-documented. So how can we as a business do our part and tackle food delivery waste, given that takeaway is traditionally served in single-use packaging destined for landfill? 

Currently, we run an ‘Opt in for cutlery’ initiative, which has helped restaurants such as The Diner see a 90% reduction in plastic cutlery used. As part of our ongoing commitment to fight the use of single-use plastic, we’re aiming to completely eliminate plastic takeaway packaging from our range by Spring 2022. We are facilitating this change for our restaurant partners by offering eco-friendly alternatives on our webstore.

BioPak’s innovative and carbon-neutral range - including cups, napkins and cutlery - is made from responsibly sourced plant-based material such as BioCane. BioPak's BioCane range is certified ‘home compostable’ to NF T51-800 European standards, and their BioPlastic range is made from a plant-based plastic known as PLA. PLA has a 75% lower CO2 footprint than conventional plastic and is certified ‘industrially compostable’ to European EN13432 standards. When composted together with food waste and residue, these product ranges can create nutrient-rich compost in as little as 12 weeks. 

Restaurant partners using BioPak products can take comfort in knowing our packaging is both cost-effective and functional, and that they’re doing their bit to tackle their usage of single-use plastics.

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